Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 23rd Detroit Protest; Call to Action to Stop Emergency Financial Management of Cities and Schools Feb 28th and 29th- Call Gov. Snyder's Office

Message From We The People of Detroit, Community Groups, Parents
Cities Targeted for Emergency Financial Management Takeover include Detroit, Benton Harbor, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw

Subject: URGENT "911" Message! DISMANTLEMENT OF DETROIT & OTHER CITIES!  Join "Synder Call-a-Thon"

Subject: A MUST WATCH: Share the Information With Everyone (See YouTube link below - a must see!) The Detroit Protest in Lansing that news sources blacked out from being shown on T.V. and read about in newspapers.

Governors Phone Number and email address: Flood his office with calls and emails to oppose EFM Takeover all day Monday & Tuesday (Feb. 28th & Feb. 29th). (517) 335-7858    email address:  Contact to voice your opposition to EFM (Emergency Financial Managers) legislation that would takeover Cities in Michigan with Detroit as the "bullseye"!  Get on Facebook, Twitter, text and email this to everyone you know.  Short details on facebook page "We the People of Detroit"!
                                                                                                                                                                     Dear Friends,  This is the information that must be shared with everyone that you know! Especially residents of the city of Detroit and anyone who does not want a "CZAR Like"  ruler, Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) assigned to takeover the pension fund ($8 Billion), Water Dept. (DWSD), Public Lighting Dept, Belle Isle, Chene Park, suspend all contracts including Union Contracts.  (For continual updates visit facebook page "We the People of Detroit".

Make announcements Sunday at your churches, clubs and share the link for the PEOPLES RALLY held in Lansing, this past Wednesday, February 23rd, barely covered by the media!  Twitter it, Face book it, email it BUT MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE HAS a chance to truly understand what is happening or could happen soon if we do not act in unity!

Suggestions to Fight This! What You Can Do
1) Call the Governor Snyder's Office and oppose the EFM Bills 4214-4218 that would do the above and more.  It would assign a "Ruler/EFM") to make all decisions about all matters (water dept., pensions, suspend Union Contracts etc.) of any Michigan city including Detroit.

2) Ask to make announcements about this at church, mosques etc. this Sunday and give the following resources to stay abreast of the issues going forward: a) We the People of Detroit (Face book Page link to PEOPLES' Rally video & more); b) for current updated info and c)
 current alternative news with more of a "community based" perspective!

3) Share with everyone you know via Twitter, Face book, email etc.

4) Get creative and start your own campaign to defeat Draconian legislation that would take strip citizens of Detroit and other cities in Michigan of our rights & assets as citizens!

Sincerely yours,
Standing for Liberty, Justice & the Pursuit of Happiness!

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