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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The PEOPLE stood together and were heard loud and clear.

The attempts to dismantle the Detroit Board of Education have gone away, for now, but the issues we face as a community remain.

We show our appreciation to those council members who resisted those who attempted to spend their way into a decision. We fought on the basis of civil rights, constitutional rights. We should never be asked to vote to give away our inalienable rights.

The community effectively made the point. We have work to do, this process should not have needed this much time to decide its outcome. With the very important work that needs to be done, this was a bad distraction. The voice of the people was louder than the influence of money.

Hopefully, we can turn our attention to the rest of the issues which affect the quality of our lives.

Some of these are:


(Why doesn’t Michigan have equal funding laws or policies for ALL public schools?)

Transportation: Our children have to travel too far to attend school,

People have to travel too far to get work

Jobs We need JOBS in Detroit for those who LIVE IN DETROIT

Crime: At times we are treated unfairly by the people in the system

At times, we are treated unfairly by the laws of the system

And change comes too slowly for rules within the system

We should never have to vote to ensure that we have the right to vote!

Prepared by Hood Research

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  1. We will be checking on this blogsite to look for what we need to do next since the Governor says she's not stopping because City Council didn't give her her way!