Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Victory For Citizens At City Council Meeting Re: Mayoral Control of Detroit Public Schools


Between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. this morning, around 200 concerned citizens showed up for a Detroit City Council meeting about mayoral control of the Detroit Public Schools.

We The People and other groups that oppose mayoral control of the district showed the Council Members what strong democracy is about by turning out in numbers, showing support for Detroit School Board members that were present, and, reminding them of the importance of citizens' votes in the last election concerning the board.

The Council chamber was at full capacity by 9:15 a.m. while parents, students, and community group representatives that were against and for mayoral control, stood in the hall, and waited to be seated. Unfortunately, the speakers in the hall that are usually on for those who are waiting, was shut off.

A monitor was set up at the end of the 13th floor near the auditorium and citizens gathered there to hear testimony from Detroit School Board members and citizens that asked City Council Members to allow citizens to continue to vote for the school board. Within an hour, the monitor went off due to a defect in the transmission. Even though most people could not hear or see the testimonies and responses from Council members, most remained and waited to be called to speak during the "Comments" portion of the meeting.

In spite of the reported 30,000 plus uncertified signatures on petitions that were collected and presented to the Council by a group that is in favor of mayoral control of the schools, the opposition showed that our legally counted votes from a previous election gave us the power to elect a school board. After three hours of testimony, a victory was had.

Seven Council members were against mayoral control. A report from the Detroit Free Press can be found at the link below. Click on the link to see the story.



  1. Detroiters won a battle today in a long line of battles to come to overcome the suppression of the voices of authentic citizens who live(the 50% who have jobs!), work and play here! There is a God that looks low and sits high! We are capable of rebuilding our own community; everyone has to play their part and do what they can where they are! SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS TO HELEN MOORE, AND ALL THE CITIZENS WHO TOOK THE TIME TO PARTICIPATE AND EXERCISE THEIR CIVIC DUTIES AND RIGHTS!

  2. This was a victory for democracy, also. However, it is apparent that the Detroit Free (bias)Press had another spin. The article totally ignored the organized campaign against continued State control.

  3. The DPS School Board representatives, President-Anthony Adams and vice-President-Tyrone Winfrey did an excellent job presenting the extrordinary accomplishments of the DPS staff and Students under some of the worst conditions in America. We the People of Detroit must organize and mobilize -NOW! BIG BUSINESS(Corporations, Foundations, Contracts and Privitization)does not operate in the best interest of the everyday Detroiter! We must not just wake up, we must get up and go to work! For the most vulnerable and valuable members of our society- THE Children deserve a chance at success. We have over 87,000 students in the DPS District and we have over 87,000 reasons to FIGHT and WIN for our Detroit and its FUTURE!

  4. The article that is posted on this blog was incredible! It was well written and definitely expressed the actions and behaviors of the Detroit City Council, Detroit Public School Board and those citizens both for and against "Mayoral Control". The blogger did a fabulous job of laying out the facts! Thank you for your fair reporting!

  5. Council voted 4 to 3 yesterday not to suport Councilperson Watson resolution against mayoral control. We still have a lot of work to do.