Friday, December 10, 2010

Call To Action for December: Saturday Dec 11, 2010 Hood Research Meeting

From Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 11:25 PM, (Hood Research) 

Hood Research is Having a Meeting
You are invited too the next
Hood Research meeting this coming Saturday December 11, 2010
at 2:00PM.

Location 8222 Joy Road,
Detroit MI. at Roselawn.

(link for map)
Location to Meeting

Please bring your thoughts,
your ideas any concerns about our community.

Come ready to share and discuss.

Tentative Agenda Items:
1. Charter Commission Report
2. more DTE and the secret contract with the city of Detroit
3. Bing, Bobb - Bamboozled;  
        Both are or advocate breaking the law, both admit to not having authority too do what they state they intend to do, both are still here and how we can do more
        Its Malpractice!

Also on the 18th, One Week From Saturday
Barton McFarlane is having a Holiday Party
Same Location, Time is 3PM, and its Free

Friend Hood Research is expanding
onto Facebook.
  • Check for
    posted events
  • Discussions
  • Informational
  • Shared
  • we have
    tweeted from live community meetings
  • we will tweet
    impromptu announcements
  • we’ll tweet
    in the coming months updates and notices in between our
    monthly meetings
  • And we’ll
    tweet to help you know better so you can do better.

  Tune In And Listen To

"Feed Back"
Every Monday
  with Theo Broughton
and Thabiti Mpenda

* 3:00pm on WHPR, and TV 33
(Comcast 20)

And don't miss

"HR Issues"
  with Carl Williams and
Hassan Aleem

* 4:00pm on WHPR, and TV 33
(Comcast 20)

Contact Hood Research
313.931.2700 phone

Theo Broughton &
Reggie Crawford

Always remember (Our Vision),
"People would do better
if they knew better."

(Another Hood Research
Positive Image Project)

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