Sunday, November 21, 2010


Please forward this email to all DFT ! Also, copy and distribute. 

1. The DFT is calling its members and all supporters of public education to rally and picket State Rep Fred Durhal's office, at 4 pm this Monday, November 22. The office is located at 8140 Grand River, about one-half mile north of West Grand Blvd.

Durhal is the state rep who introduced Bobb's legislation Wednesday. Bobb's bills would allow all Michigan school districts operating with financial deficits to impose addendums to their union contracts that would: (a) eliminate seniority; (b) eliminate class size maximums and all other work rules (lesson prep time, etc) that district officials say is an impediment to "financial and academic reforms"; (c) allow for the unilateral implementation of merit pay, a longer school day and school year, and new attendance policies.

As I emphasized at Thursday's membership meeting, the bill creates a permanent Second-Class Status for majority black and poor white districts of Michigan, where we are already seeing 40 - 50 or more students in classes, and the replacement of a stable teaching corps with a revolving door of teachers modeled after the charter schools.

The DFT membership voted to picket Durhal at last week's monthly membership meeting. We also voted to call on supporters of public education and other school unions throughout Michigan to join us in Lansing for a state-wide Day of Action in Defense of Public Education, to be timed with any committee hearing on the Bobb/Durhal bill, or if the bill makes it to the floor of either state legislative chamber.

Protest this attack on public education, our students, our schools, and our jobs!

Celebrate the new day dawning in the DFT, as we stand up and fight for the future of our city and state!

All out this Monday at 4:00 pm !