Monday, May 2, 2011

Emergency Financial Mgt Bills Are Illegal by Hood Research


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From: Henry Teutsch (Hood Research)
Date: Monday, May 2, 2011
Subject: HOOD RESEARCH - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Lawmakers Break the Law
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May 2, 2011
Lawmakers Break the

Manager Laws - Not in Effect

Governor Snyder
signed into law four public acts on March 16, 2011;
Public Acts 4, 5, 6
and 7 of 2011 all deal with the new emergency manager law under
the innocent sounding title of “local government and school
district fiscal accountability act”.
All acts were stated
in the record as filed with the Secretary of State as having
immediate effect.
Immediate effect as
stated in the Michigan Constitution, Art. IV, § 28, Dictates the
effective dates of all new laws. No act shall take effect until
90 days have passed from the end of the session in which the act
was approved. New laws can be effective immediately if they are
passed with a two thirds majority in both the House of
Representatives and the Senate.
Republicans lack a
two thirds majority in the House of Representatives. These bills
passed strictly on the party line votes. Republicans have 63
seats of the 110 seats available. A two thirds vote equals 73
votes. None of these acts passed with more than 62 votes.
Therefore these laws
are not in effect.
Those persons at the
state level including the Governor, the state legislative body
and the emergency managers are violating the law. They seek and
use powers that were not legally obtained. All actions with
these powers are illegal. All results from the use of these
powers are also illegal and must be immediately reversed. The
law enforcement agencies in Wayne County, Berrien County and the
State Attorney General’s office must intervene and restore
public order, uphold the Constitution and fulfill their oath of
Furthermore as these
acts state that they were passed with immediate effect and have
been published with this language, the Michigan Secretary of
State should be investigated by an impartial legal authority to
determine why that office would be complicit in publishing
language that is not accurate. How can it be known if other laws
and publications with this office are correct? If the Secretary
of State fails to ensure that documents published by that office
are official then there can be no confidence in the office
holder who has taken an oath to perform the duties of the