Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bing Recall: Currently Underway! Get Involved!

After almost a year in office and poor decision making,  Mayor David Bing,  attempted to divert the city employees pension fund to a state recommended fund and millions of dollars of contracts diverted outside of the city of Detroit,  grassroots citizens have said enough!  Bing displayed more insensitivity to Detroiters by cutting critical bus services to those most in need.  

His most recent bad call concerning mayoral takeover of DPS led grassroots citizens and organizations to defeat big business & foundations (who had an alleged $7 million dollar fund) who attempted to have language on the November ballot asking Detroiters to "vote to lose their right to vote" for an elected school board. This was a "David and Goliath" victory and now grassroots citizens have organized to recall Mr. Bing! (See Michigan Citizen link for more details)

Currently recall petitions are circulating around the city of Detroit and anyone who would like to assist in getting petitions signed may call (313) 931-2700 to obtain them.  Over 57,000 signatures must be obtained.    Stay tuned for updates and tell all your family, friends and neighbors know about this grassroots movement for true representation.

Share www.wethepeopleofdetroit.blogspot.com for other updates, "calls to action" and links to information that you may not hear about anyplace else!

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  1. I didn't know this! He needs to go I'll do all that I can to help!